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News & Announcements

What do you want to see?             20/01/2013 

Since BETA is now coming rapidly to a close, we're interested in what little additions we can do. If there's something you'd really love to see in the server, sumbit it here,  http://runesky.editboard.com/f1-suggestions . Please be reasonable with these suggestions though, don't go asking for the impossible. Your suggestion will be looked at and either Accepted or Declined. In other news, players have already began donating and reserving their items/premium, why don't you? If you're looking to reserve a username, please read this thread, http://runesky.editboard.com/t27-reserve-player-names . Thank you for reading and keeping up-to-date

 - RuneSky Staff Team.

Final Steps...                                  15/01/2013 

RuneSky is now heading towards it's final steps for release. After countless hours of work, we're finally approaching the day, the day of release. If you haven't already, please sign up to our forums located in the side menu. Donation items have now been changed, prices, information and items have all been edited. All that's left for us to do now is a few more minor fixes and then we'll be releasing into an "Extended BETA". By releasing into this, I allow players to come and play as well as test what we still need to improve on, once a few fixes are completed within this time, we'll begin intro Alpha. Thank you for reading - RuneSky Staff. 

Donation Chest, Progress & More 12/01/2013 

Above, what you're seeing is our "Donator's chest". This chest contains tonnes or in-game rare items. These items vary from 3rd Age Armour, Spirit Shields, Statius, Zuriel's, Morrigan's, Vesta's, h'ween masks, Staff of Light, Dragon Claws & Statuettes. To open the chest you'll need a special key, this key can be donated for on the "Donate" page in the side menu. In other news, Agility is now 100% working, you can access this by speaking to the gnome at skills. Also, a portal has been added to skills taking you to the mining area so it's easier to visit. In terms of the server's current state, Im spending today completely re-writing the drop tables and trying to fix fishing. I've come across a very large bug regarding Runecrafting, when a player clicks on an altar without having essence's, it gives them 200 of that rune per click, i'm going to attempt to fix this and if it doesn't work, Runecrafting will be accessable via the Abyss. Please could all players take time to donate to the server, it'll help us progress and take that step forward, Thank-you.

Promotions, Demotions & Fixes    08/01/2013 

Hey Guys! So firstly, Promotions & Demotions..  Fraxure was demoted due to inactivity but will remain a regular player. Your new admin is Rough Towel. He has proven himself worthy of this role and shown an outstanding attitude towards the server's success, congratulations. Secondly, welcome the new Player Moderator, Ollie. In other news, A trapdoor was added to the premium isle taking you to the exclusive Premium Dungeon. Clan chat now works 100% perfectly and thieving now works 100% along with the sotre prices of the items you sell. The server is being tested daily and slowly becoming closer and closer to being released on a webclient. Also, forums are now acessable in the side menu.

Give me your Vote..                        06/01/2013 

Hey Guys! With the rapid progress of the server's stability, prices are all now sorted, drops are virtually complete, shops are stocked,  areas are finished and xp rates are fixed. Currently, home is at Draynor and is packed with the essential areas, items and objects. However, Zanaris seems like a helpful place. It has a bank area, furnace, woodcutting area, mines, shop areas, slayer home, cooking stoves, water and seems like the perfect underground home, My only doubt that if everything is located in this one home spot, people will not leave, people will stay below ground in Zanaris and not venture around the world, so I want you're opinions. In other news, a premium only dungeon has been added acessable by a trapdoor at ::isle. This dungeon contains many npc's that premium members will benefit from via making cash. As it stands the server has a few major fixes that need to be done for example, Agility, Fishing & Firemaking don't work and the drops such as bones and dhides don't drop 100%.

Welcome to BETA                           04/01/2013 

With the release of BETA, the website was completely whiped and started fresh.  The server is now accessable via Hamachi until we release into Pre-Alpha which will be a webclient hosted on this page. BETA testers are currently working from morning till morning to find every last fault. If you are interested in testing the server, a link will be posted here shortly so you guys can join along with the Hamachi details. The donation page is now re-vamped with new items, some only available for a limited ammount of time, so get on and check it out! Thank you for choosing RuneSky and I can assure you, you'll love what's coming up.    - Sinister

What is RuneSky?

RuneSky is a 317, Old-School Runescape private server. Aiming to achieve what no other servers have, RuneSky offers use of Runescape's vast land makes great use of it's unused items to achieve new abilities. By visiting this page you hereby agree you're not in anyway associated with Jagex, Mechscape or FunOrb in any way. This server is here simply for entertainment purposes and no profit is made only via donations.


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